NEWS - 2021/06/22

Workshop – Low Emissions Zone | 29-06-2021

The low emissions zone will be the tool for achieving sustainable mobility management and meeting the 2030 Agenda climate action targets, focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Air and noise pollution are problems many cities currently face. High levels of pollution are a very serious public health problem. Air pollution is directly responsible for more than 500.000 premature deaths per year in Europe.

In this context, a workshop will be held on 29 June to explain the basics about the low emissions zone strategy. The main goal of this day is to discuss and value at a political and technical level the experiences of the AMB municipalities over the ZBE.

The main text presenting at a European level the challenges relating to air quality and the environment is Directive 2008/50/EC (21 May 2008) of the European Parliament. It sets out, among other things, measures aimed at defining and setting air quality objectives to prevent, prevent or reduce the harmful effects of pollution on human health and the environment in general. In addition, the “European Charter for the Protection of Human Rights in the City”, approved in 2000, provides that municipal authorities, in order to guarantee citizens’ right to a healthy environment, must adopt policies to reduce pollution and vehicle traffic.

To meet these challenges, low-emission areas are excellent solutions with a great impact and their use is becoming widespread. However, urban and mobility planners need to achieve the know-how and skills to deploy them in a sustainable and appropriate way to their city.  This day of debate and contrast will be the first step in this direction.

The AMB and the municipalities involved in the low-emission zone for the city of Barcelona are working to promote sustainable, safe, efficient, and equitable mobility so that everyone can move around the territory by minimizing polluting emissions and thus protecting people’s health.

The event will be participatory and invitees will have the opportunity to discuss the possibility of achieving ZBE milestones and joint projects and to demonstrate that mobility data plays a key role in achieving climate action goals.

This event will involve political and technical leaders, municipalities of over 50,000 inhabitants, experts, companies, and other stakeholders (local and national). The aim will be to discuss and concretely implement a joint action in this territory in response to the forthcoming MITMA call for NextGenerationEU funds on sustainable mobility. The workshop is also supported by MITMA.

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Note: the event will be in Catalan.