NEWS - 2021/11/03

Women Decision-Making in Urban Mobility

Why is women’s participation in decision-making positions in urban mobility still lower than men’s?

Despite the progress we have achieved as a society in closing the gender gap, we cannot claim that inequality between men and women is no longer a concern, as it is still a major issue in most technological fields. This could be because women still have a lower participation rate in decision-making positions than men.

This third meetup of the WUM project was held in Casa SEAT, Barcelona, on 15 November at 17:00 CET, CARNET in collaboration with the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC), and addressed issues of gender balance in one of the most essential factors that shape our lives and our cities, urban mobility.

During our event,  Lluis Jofre-Roca (Professor at the UPC and Academic Director of CARNET Barcelona), was in charge of welcoming our guests and opening the meeting. Afterwards, Sonia Corrochano (Director of El Prat Airport, Barcelona), Mar Chao (Director of State Port Operations), and Sara Riera (Head of Energy & Charging of SEAT) gave us a closer look at the situation. We were also honoured to have as VIP attendees Alexander Siebeneich, Industrial Director at CARNET, and Carme Fàbregas, CTO and Innovation Officer at the Metropolitan Transport Authority of the Barcelona Area (ATM).

This event was part of WUM, a project aiming to create discussions that will spark and fuel your interest in urban mobility while raising awareness for gender-specific topics, as our goal is to give our field a more plural perspective. With these activities, we try to fill in a gap regarding the lack of networks where women who are dedicated to urban mobility issues can find support, grow, learn or simply be.

WUM is funded by the EIT Urban Mobility in its BP2021 Call for Proposals for the Education area. CARNET conforms the consortium together with the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC), UnternehmerTUM, and JA Bulgaria.