NEWS - 2017/01/17

Visit of Dr. Axel Heinrich, Head of VW Group Research

The 11th of January 2017 saw the annual SEAT Forschungstag at its Martorell location. This internal showcase presents current innovation projects, research findings and a variety of talks and discussions and is held in cooperation with Volkswagen Research.
Fittingly, CARNET presented a number of current projects utilizing the opportunity to exchange ideas and information with a main partner. This provided an opportunity for a VW delegation attending the Forschungstag to visit the CARNET offices at the UPC in Barcelona, where Dr. Heinrich had a chance to meet and “shake hands” with the Rector of the UPC. Here, they were informed about the ongoing activities and great future potential of the partnership by the directorship and management of CARNET. The visit was a great chance for all involved to meet and discuss future urban mobility in detail and to decide on the future outlook of the partnership.



CARNET is already looking back at a successful story and is set to become ever more relevant in future times.