NEWS - 2022/10/26

VIII Symposium On Urban Mobility Challenges – Public Private Partnerships in Urban Mobility to Accelerate Innovation

For the eighth consecutive year, CARNET is organising the Symposium on Urban Mobility Challenges, this year focusing on Public-Private Partnerships in Urban Mobility to Accelerate Innovation and held, as it has been traditionally, at the Campus Nord of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC). As in prior editions, CARNET will bring together speakers from the industrial sector and the academic world, to present their knowledge of new technologies and the latest innovations related to mobility.

It is a perfect time to look back and realize that one of the advantages of the pandemic is the digitization of many sectors and areas, some of them urgently needed.

In our field, recent research suggests that the impact of these events in transportation and mobility might raise teleworking, reduce single-car usage intentions and increase skepticism for public transport ridership. Nevertheless, these trends have not been proven to last yet.

To achieve a future of sustainable and digital mobility, research institutions, companies, the public sector, and society, in general, must boost innovation together through collaboration.

CARNET’s VIII Symposium on Urban Mobility Challenges will address digital twins in mobility and transportation in its upcoming edition. Huge efforts are being made by the public sector as well as by the industry to build these digital twins. After the opening session, conducted by the three founding partners of CARNET, Mateo Valero, the Director of Barcelona Supercomputing Center, will introduce this year’s edition with a keynote about mobility knowledge and the future hidden in data.

Bringing awareness into the future of mobility solutions and how to implement innovation in the city will be the topic of one of the three roundtables, with interesting contributions from internationally invited speakers. The second topic of the Symposium will focus on how start-ups can be a valuable part of the industrial chain: these young, emerging companies are the ones leading the ideation process in terms of mobility innovation, as such, and will help the industry reduce their carbon footprint while producing safer and faster transport solutions. At the third roundtable, we will be challenging our beliefs toward a brighter and more functional future discussion on how to deal with mobility data and digital twins.

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