NEWS - 2021/10/08

MobilitEU: A Pan-European Urban Mobility Solution to Offer a One-stop-shop Platform for Integrated and Seamless Mobility

CARNET is proud to be part MobilitEU, an EIT Urban Mobility funded initiative, which aims to promote Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) in European cities and regions, not only by driving forward developments locally but also by achieving an international experience of smooth mobility. Plan, book, pay, and access all mobility offers in a city, and beyond. Previously branded as UMOS (Urban Mobility Operating System), MobilitEU aims to bring together the public and private sectors to drive this initiative forward and achieve a sustainable mobility ecosystem that can pose an attractive alternative to dominating, often single-occupancy, private car use.

As part of the consortium, led by Achmea, CARNET is now immersed in the second year of this project, which includes a wide range of activities to set the basis to start running pilots in different locations in 2022. In this regard, CARNET’s role during 2021 is to lead the work package related to policy and regulation to enable MaaS and, in turn, the UMOS solution. To do this, we establish the importance of having the appropriate frameworks in place to “set the rules of the game”. Regulation can sometimes be seen as a barrier, but it is key to handle disruptive innovation at different government levels and enable strong collaboration between the different stakeholders.

In order for MobilitEU to become a reality, it is vital to consider all the aspects that surround the implementation and acceptance of MaaS solutions: facilitating open data access, handling branding and ticket sales, defining suitable mobility packages, offering customer support, quality service levels and insurance, etc. The first step to move in that direction is to set collaboration mechanisms between public and private actors, which can only be achieved through comprehensive regulation.

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