NEWS - 2023/07/03

The UAM Plazza Accelerator Welcome Week is Here and 10 Selected Start-ups Will Be Participating in a Week Full of Strategic Activities

Welcome Week UAM July 3

The UAM Plazza Accelerator Programme has developed the Welcome Week face-to-face event to provide 10 innovative start-ups with inspiring training sessions with industry leaders and experts to help them grow and expand their business connecting them with key stakeholders in the urban air mobility ecosystem.

The 5-day event will be held from today, July 3 to July 7 at the B612 Centre d’Innovation, in Toulouse. During this time, the selected start-ups will receive several pieces of training on pitching and strategic business development focused on the UAM market by experts in the start-up field and will have the chance to visit important places in Toulouse’s start-up and aeronautics ecosystem like La Volière or the Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile.

The 10 selected start-ups provide solutions for a diverse range of applications, mainly parcel delivery, vehicle charging, flight safety, surveillance, emergency operations, and passenger transport.

    1. APELEON (Austria)

It develops a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft under the registered trademark APELEON. Offers solutions that have vast potential for accessing rural areas, responding to emergency health or technical situations and express cargo transport.

    1. ABzero (Italy)

It is a start-up that has created a multimodal drone system for the automatic and safe delivery of blood, blood components, organs, medicines and vaccines.

    1. CRSA, Connect Robotics Sistemas Autónomos (Portugal)

It is a start-up with drones that fly autonomously moving goods from A to B and tracking it during the process.

    1. Skycharge (Germany)

It is a solution to provide autonomous battery charging to drones.

    1. UP&CHARGE (France)

It is a start-up that offers the first fully automated wireless charging station for all kinds of electric vehicles, including drones.

    1. PrimeCor Systems (Spain)

This start-up is carefully designed to ensure optimal UAS performance in executing safety-critical missions while keeping compliance with high-integrity requirements.

    1. THE EDGE COMPANY (Italy)

It is a technology solution composed of advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence algorithms to provide safer and more secure flights of drones by the detection of birds and obstacles.

    1. ARC Aerosystems (United Kingdom)

It is a transportation system that provides passengers with a flexible, point-to-point travel experience through the use of eVTOLs.

    1. StratoWave Connect (Croatia)

This startup has high-tech drones that fly long-range and hours without losing power or strength in signal.

    1. DM-AirTech (Germany)

It is a micrometeorology intelligence provider for commercial drones and air taxis.

The Welcome Week event will be a profitable time for each of the 10 selected start-ups and a great opportunity to kick off their acceleration in the Urban Air Mobility market, a sector that will have important relevance in the future. This week of strategic activities will be followed by six months of tailored support, mentorship, and access to key resources and stakeholders for their development in the UAM ecosystem, and will be finalized with a Demo Day where the participating start-ups will have the chance to show their solutions to cities and potential investors.

Welcome Week UAM 3 July

The UAM Accelerator Programme is organized by the international consortium composed of Toulouse Métropole — a local public institution on a territory home to a pioneering aeronautics innovation ecosystem—, Aerospace Valley —the leading European competitiveness cluster in the aerospace sector—, CARNET —an open hub of automotive and mobility research & innovation—, and Ferrovial —focused on developing innovative and sustainable transportation solutions—.

Welcome Week UAM 3 July online presentation

For further information about the programme, please click on the link below:

The UAM Accelerator Programme project is co-funded by EIT Urban Mobility, an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union.