NEWS - 2023/02/17

Servei Català de Trànsit Joins CARNET as Their New Partner

Servei Català de Trànsit (SCT) has joined CARNET as its new partner. The SCT, part of the Interior Department at the Generalitat de Catalunya, is the reference institution in Catalonia in the management of mobility and road safety policies.

Their goal is to make Catalonia a leading region in terms of reducing victims and in road safety policies to develop a safe, healthy and sustainable mobility. To achieve this, the SCT performs these functions, among others:

        • To manage and control road traffic and take the necessary measures to ensure safety and fluidity in the Catalan road network. Plan, direct, and coordinate actions to improve road safety in access to urban roads and large population centres, and in dangerous and high-intensity areas.
        • To lay down guidelines for the application of traffic regulations, road traffic, and road safety and instructions on the movement of special transport and those relating to the transportation of dangerous goods.
        • To promote the development, every three years, of the Road Safety Plan (PSV) containing the main objectives to be achieved and the SCT priorities for each triennial, in addition to developing projects and studies on accident investigation, as well as skills, behaviours of drivers, and pedestrians.
        • To promote road education for safe mobility, especially across children, in collaboration with public institutions and private entities, if applicable. To achieve this, they run citizen awareness programmes on road safety.

The first innovation to be developed from this collaboration will be to design an artificial intelligence model to predict road accidents in the Catalan network to decrease road accidents in our transportation system. Through this partnership, CARNET aims to focus its efforts on road safety to promote a safer transportation within the automotive sector.