NEWS - 2015/11/22

SEAT Parking Space Finder

SEAT’s parking finder

At any given time, 30% on average of Europeans driving in cities are looking for a place to park. This challenge will be even greater in the future, as a UN report points to 66% of the world population living in urban areas by 2050.

In an attempt to curb this problem, SEAT has developed the Mirror Link technology-based Parkfinder app in a CARNET cooperation with the UPC. Drivers simply enter where they are headed, or once at their location, ask the app where there is available on-street parking. The app indicates through the car on-board screen the most suitable free parking spot thanks to data gathered via Barcelona’s iCity platform. iCity enables third-parties to use available city information and digital actives through city standard open data systems in order to provide services of public interest.

The pilot project has been tested in the Les Corts neighbourhood (Barcelona) after an agreement was struck with the Barcelona Council.

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