NEWS - 2023/02/07

sCOOL2walk – Promoting Walkability for Children and Youth: A Community-Based Solution


CARNET will take the role of leader in the new project “sCOOL2walk,” in partnership with Barcelona City Council, The Future Mobility Network, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), VEFRESH, Riga City Council, Project Aegle Foundation (Malta), and the Authority for Transport in Malta.

The project will design a solution to help children develop a sense of independence and awareness of their environment while providing a safer way of commuting to school. sCOOL2walk operates as a closed ecosystem controlled by the school, providing a secure platform limited to the general public. By improving pedestrian safety, the community can adopt active mobility, enhancing physical and mental health, increasing social engagement, and boosting community trust.

In today’s society, promoting healthy lifestyles and habits for our children and youth is becoming increasingly important. One way to achieve this goal is by encouraging active mobility, such as walking, as a mode of transportation to and from school support this, the European project sCOOL2walk aims to increase the safety of children’s commutes to school through the digital web app that helps match children and parents to walk together.

The solution will be tested in three schools in Barcelona, Malta, and Riga between September and November of 2023, with a final event to communicate the project’s results in Malta in December.

In conclusion, the sCOOL2walk project offers a solution that not only increases the safety of children’s commutes to school but also promotes walkability among children and youth, helps develop a sense of independence, and supports the school community. The project is a valuable tool for city planners to understand how to improve walk-commuting safety from a children’s perspective, encouraging a behavioural shift towards active mobility and promoting overall well-being.