Project Description

This initiative aims to assist Catalan and Spanish municipalities in drafting and implementing Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) to address pressing challenges in local and regional urban mobility. The applied course, utilizing a blended learning approach, equips urban and mobility planners with essential skills for effective SUMP implementation, aligning with European Commission objectives for sustainable, inclusive, and resilient urban development. Compliance with legislative requirements, such as Catalonia’s Mobility Law and Spain’s proposed Sustainable Mobility Act, ensures municipalities meet standards and qualify for funding opportunities.


With urban areas rapidly expanding and facing congestion, overburdened public transport systems, and environmental repercussions, there’s a growing need for comprehensive solutions. Vehicular emissions and noise contribute significantly to air quality deterioration and acoustic damage, posing a severe threat to public health, while carbon emissions compound climate change challenges. Addressing these complexities requires a shared effort among stakeholders to work towards sustainable, inclusive, and resilient urban mobility solutions that enhance inhabitants’ quality of life.