Project Description


The project will develop and pilot a new platform for the sharing of data in multimodal travel, which will provide the means for transport service providers (TSPs) to register, reach data-sharing agreements with other TSPs and manage their contractual relationships.

The project will address contract templates to simplify the legal management, electronic management and information provision about each specific contract, routing information for travel companions (TCs) with enriched information about the specific contracts for their customers.




The primary objective is to streamline the process of single ticketing by fostering a thorough comprehension of contracts and efficiently managed data, among other key factors. This overarching goal envisions a seamless and integrated system where the complexities of various contracts are fully understood and data is effectively organized. By achieving this, the aim is to create a user-friendly and efficient platform that simplifies the ticketing process, providing a seamless experience for users while ensuring accuracy and reliability in handling diverse contracts and associated data.