Project purpose and Description

ScaleTHENGlobal identifies and selects promising scale-ups to help them become mobility pioneers in European cities and regions. Applicants include external scale-ups and also successful start-ups from our Accelerator programmes, which are encouraged to apply.

In 2021, 20 high-level urban mobility mature start-ups will constitute the pool of ScaleTHENGlobal pool of participants. In addition, the Top 3 start-ups from the program will be selected by ScaleTHENGlobal to have the opportunity to be awarded a budget of 50k Euro each for performing a pilot with a partner city. The pilots will be financed by Finance2Move.

The Consortium uses proven methodologies for scouting, selecting, and mentoring scale-ups. Through several events (in Prague, Hamburg and Barcelona) and presence at high-profile Mobility Fairs and Summits, the project brings together scale-ups, important industry representatives, City Club members and other relevant administrations at the same level with targeted workshops. In addition, the Consortium creates the European Urban Mobility Start-up Map.

The scale-up package includes access to EIT Urban Mobility networks and cities’ innovation projects. It also provides visibility for start-ups and support from Innovation Hubs with regulatory and country-specific formalities.
For global outreach, the program organizes trips for scale-ups members of the ScaleTHENGlobal looking to expand their activities beyond Europe. It also provides access to external events such as Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC2021) and ITS World Congress 2021 in Hamburg, with the presence of the world’s recognized mobility frontrunners and urban mobility experts. The project hosts international start-ups and scale-ups from North America, Asia, Latin America and Africa who are targeting Europe through activities such as invitation trips or to external events.


Objectives and Outcomes

ScaleTHENGlobal will boost innovation and business creation in the EU through the repercussion this Program’s activities have on participant start-ups.
Package for European scale-ups:
• Invitation for all selected start-ups and free access for Top 20 to three high-level networking events per year, which fosters engagement between start-ups, SMEs, OEMs and suppliers and with cities and citizens about their needs and expectations. The events include both free activities and optional paid activities.
• Grant access for Top 20 scale-ups to external events such as Smart City Expo and ITS World Congress.
• Invitation for all selected start-ups and free access for Top 20 to two first-rate City Club speed dating in previously mentioned external events.
• Visibility for selected start-ups, e.g. through the Urban Mobility Start-up Map Europe.
• Coordination and invitation for a field trip to e.g. the US or Asia, which facilitates opportunities for market entry.

Package for both European and international scale-ups:
• Help with investor readiness and introductions to potential investors (via Finance2Move), which enhances fundraising processes at the later stages
• Support with regulatory and country-specific formalities, which facilitates market entry in other European countries

Specific aids for international scale-ups:
• Host International start-ups from America, Asia, and Africa who are targeting Europe, providing mentoring activities and invitations to external events.
• To check the impact of the program we take into account the number of meetings and participants at the events.

In addition, the start-up map gives better visibility of these emerging companies, a key factor for future growth.