Project Purpose and Description


RideSafeUM is an initiative to proactively prevent micromobility accidents and near-misses, provide a smooth reaction in case of an accident and gather data for wider learning and management purposes. RideSafeUM is born in response to the need to make micromobility safer and encourage increased ridership of what have become key modes for the future of our mobility systems. The RideSafeUM solution will be based on the integration of computer-vision software, with a camera, GPS, and a gyroscope. This technology will be either supported by users’ smartphones or through integrated equipment in the operator’s hardware. In addition, a city dashboard will enable authorities to visualize and dynamically manage micromobility safety issues. The system will work on a bilateral communication basis.

Real-time digital information (via an app or the operator’s front end) of regulations will be displayed to the user. At the same time, alerts will be sent to the authorities if an accident occurs, using a black-box function. Emergency services will be alerted automatically, while accident and near-misses data will help to build the foundations for authorities’ decision-making.


Objectives and outcomes


The objective for 2022 was to develop the system and test it in three cities: Barcelona, Rome, and Thessaloniki.