Project Description


NIMBLE will define a new, more efficient, and seamless model of urban goods distribution to small stores. Its model is based on:

  1. Consolidating first-mile distribution to logistic stations inside the cities during nighttime
  2. Improving the operation of logistic stations by equipping them with smart parcel lockers
  3. Deploying a last-mile distribution model to small stores via sustainable light cargo vehicles that grant a favorable user experience for small stores.

NIMBLE proposes three key strategies to revolutionize last-mile delivery systems. Firstly, by integrating smart lockers into the distribution network on a B2B basis, ensuring secure and convenient package pickup for authorized personnel or small shop owners. Secondly, through the development of an innovative logistics distribution model for small stores, optimizing goods flow and reducing congestion while promoting sustainable last-mile delivery practices. Lastly, NIMBLE prioritizes sustainable and green last-mile delivery by advocating for the use of eco-friendly transport solutions such as light cargo vehicles powered by green energy, aiming to minimize emissions and noise pollution, thus contributing to the creation of environmentally friendly urban environments.



Urban freight distribution currently accounts for 10-15% of automobile fleet, and causes 25% of CO2 emissions and up to 50% of other pollutants according to ERTRAC and ALICE. NIMBLE addresses the lack of solutions on logistics oriented towards small stores (these being 20% of all goods distribution in a city such as Barcelona).