Project purpose and Description


The program is designed to provide with new knowledge and effective skills to those professionals working mainly in automotive-related companies. As many studies point out this industry is going to undergo a dramatic transformation in the coming years. Not only leaders but different levels of workers need to be prepared. Key elements of the mobility disruptive change are taught, helping their organizations to adapt and lead innovation. City workers and start-ups willing to run businesses in challenging urban mobility issues may also benefit from taking this course.

The program focuses on five modules of 2 ECTS each. Learning is designed to be combined with a full-time job, as part of the content is done online, and part is done face-to-face (or through VC), in this case, carried out intensively at weekends. Each Module incorporates different learning elements, such as tech-pills, industrial pills and city pills. During the self-study period, the course includes micro-moocs and short challenge projects.

Objectives and Outcomes


After taking this course, recipients will be in a position to evaluate the past and current situation and forecast the future development of mobility, upgrading their skills in combination with real case studies.

The combination of professors and experts, future-oriented discussions and cross-border cooperation will lead to a successful, unique and practical-oriented program. All within the framework of a continuing education course, running in parallel with their professional life.

NewUMob is going to provide professionals with the knowledge to help their institutions in leading the transition to more inclusive, equitable, diversified, interconnected, intermodal mobility. They will be prepared to create safe and equitable transportation systems, better public space planning and reinforce innovation in private companies. With novel educational tools to support them and where a holistic approach to the future of mobility is reinforced, fostering innovation in Europe and finally accelerating a successful transition.