Project purpose and Description


MOBINNO-EXPERIENCES has created its own visual and easy-to-navigate place accessible to anyone, anywhere, and anytime. This online space is used to introduce the roots of the project, but also to provide directions to the online academy for users to find its location easily.
The Online Academy is well introduced on the website collecting all the educational resources of the course. The training includes a significant amount of audio-visual materials and theoretical lectures distributed in 6 different modules (Section 1 – Introduction of the Course, Section 2 – Active Mobility, Section 3 – Future Mobility, Section 4 – Mobility and Energy, Section 5 – Sustainable Logistics, and Section 6 – Investor and capital risk). Moreover, each module contains a final multiple-choice quiz to evaluate the online learning process of each course.
A Forum Section has also been created on the website with the aim of animating interaction among students and building a digital community for the course participants, and anyone genuinely interested in mobility and innovation. Bringing this space to the community allows participants to communicate, network and discuss with other participants of the course.


Objectives and Outcomes


In the first term of 2021, a deep analysis of the mobility sector, main insights, best practices, innovations, cutting-edge startups, leaders and corporations were carried out, defining the core contents of the future MOBINNO-EXPERIENCES course. A clear methodology was followed when determining the course objectives and educational resources, including also an EIT UM Certificate to prove the course completion. The direct output of the KAVA was also the Marketing plan and Communication campaign designed to disseminate the course and reach the target value of students willing to participate in the course.