Project purpose and Description


IoTa will offer complete training on Internet of Things (IoT) systems and technologies to whole EIT-UM communities, start-ups, young talents, IoT companies, business creation units, Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) and future European DIHs by providing a complimentary, replicable and scalable convenient set of both online and face-to-face educational materials. Moreover, IoTa’s approach goes one step further than most training programmes by proposing a unique blend of online training – addressed to cities, industry, and R&D organisations – combined with practical, hands-on identification and analysis of specific use cases by engaged stakeholders, addressing their specific challenges, and early drafting potential applications in the context of urban mobility.


Objectives and Outcomes

1) Develop training materials first addressed to the main stakeholders at EIT UM using nanoMOOCs (one-week courses, focused on one skill or competence) as an efficient educational format.

2) Deliver a methodology to identify, and analyse a set of UM business use cases, to explore whether they efficiently address city challenges, or/if leverage IoT-based emerging technologies.

3) Assess selected city challenges where IoT applications for cities, in their different flavours, can help in developing timely solutions or improve existing developments, maximising the returns of IoT investments.