Project purpose and Description


IMMENSE proposes the creation of a TDM tool which is able to dynamically influence traffic demand on road ecosystems depending on congestion and pollution levels. By using a dynamic rate system with game design elements or “gamification” (such as automatically rewarding users with points for reducing travel time along congested routes if they choose an alternative one), the IMMENSE solution discourages users to access congested roads at times when high demand occurs. This way, pollution and congestion levels will be reduced when it is more needed, also improving safety and helping the quality of life in surrounding areas. Moreover, users who access cities through more sustainable modes will get rewarded with discounts on active and greener solutions.


Objectives and Outcomes


The main outcome of IMMENSE is an integrated platform for city authorities to inform, implement and evaluate TDM schemes on urban roads by applying a demand-based pricing strategy (i.e. users of the IMMENSE app would get fewer rewards or pay higher prices when the infrastructure they are using is more congested or polluting). The integrated platform will be composed of two digital tools; a web portal for municipalities where they can define the main charging characteristics and an app for the citizens to use during the pilots to assess the outcomes of the charging fee by gamification mechanics.