Project purpose and Description


Go Global promotes global outreach by organising trips for selected urban mobility start-ups of the Accelerator and start-up members of the Scale-up Club looking to expand their activities within and beyond Europe.
In 2020, this will e.g. include Matchmaking-Tours in (european) regions, a field trip to the US or Asia and providing access to external events. Go Global also hosts international start-ups and scale-ups from outside Europe.


Objectives and Outcomes


EIT Urban Mobility Go Global contributes to the enabling environment for mature start-ups both from within and outside Europe.
Activities planned for 2020 include:
• Organized Matchmaking-Tour in (european) regions to cities not representing the regional hub. This will include the introduction of the local ecosystem, a pitch event, matchmaking with investors and local hub partners. It will also foster engagement between start-ups, SMEs, OEMs and suppliers and with cities and citizens about their needs and expectations.
• Field trip to e.g. the US or Asia, which will facilitate opportunities for market-entry.
• Grant access to external events such as Smart City Congress.
• Host international start-ups and scale-ups from North America, Asia, Latin America and Africa who are targeting Europe through activities such as invitations to trips or to external events.