Project purpose and Description


FutureMob was funded by the EIT Urban Mobility in its COVID-19 Crisis Response Call for Proposals 2020 and aimed at promoting the change of mobility habits towards more active and healthy ones, relying on monthly reward programmes as a strategy to motivate citizens and companies to make these changes. The project developed these strategies in two European cities: Debreçen, Hungary, and the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB), Spain.


Objectives and Outcomes


FutureMob was created to change people’s mobility patterns through monthly programs that rewarded users and businesses who participated in the effort. There were three monthly ‘challenge’-style reward programs. The first challenge, dubbed ‘Be Healthy,’ ran from September 16 to October 15, and encouraged people to switch to more active modes of transportation like cycling and walking; the second, dubbed ‘Move Smart,’ ran from October 16 to November 15, and encouraged people to change their commute schedules to avoid peak hours as well as adopt telework to avoid crowding in public transport and public spaces. The final one, branded ‘Shop local,’ ran from November 16 to December 15 and promoted the revival of the local economy by incentivizing consumers with discounts in local shops.

– 388 participants
– 47.891 km travelled
– 12.943 kg de CO2 saved