Project purpose and Description


The main objective of the FURNISH project was to generate a series of Mobile Urban Elements (MUE) designed to be temporarily installed in public spaces, newly expanded to fight against COVID-19 while promoting social cohesion. FURNISH had digitally fabricated and deployed urban elements for the purpose of adapting temporary public spaces to meet the new challenges and opportunities presented by the COVID-19 crisis. FURNISH aimed to merge the challenge of gaining more public space through ‘tactical urbanism’ with local digital manufacturing.


Objectives and Outcomes


The results of the FURNISH were the launch and closure of the Open Innovation Call through the FURNISH website, the selection of four design teams through the call, the participation of seven design teams in the co-mentoring design and fabrication process, the installation of the prototypes in seven different sites in five cities [Milan, Barcelona, Budapest, Espoo, Guimerães], the testing of the prototypes and the production of the final documentation.