Project purpose and Description


The objective of the E+ Mobility Accelerator is to solve city challenges and to support the European mobility industry to be more competitive, with a specific focus on the fields of mobility & energy, micromobility and shared mobility.

  • Motivation:
    1. Many projects within the mobility & energy, micromobility and shared mobility have already been applied to the previous EIT Urban Mobility acceleration program – Hub South (batches #1-2).
    2. Going in alignment with Horizon Europe’s shift to becoming more sustainable, this program intends to foster new mobility solutions to bring an environmentally friendly ecosystem that looks to achieve the green transition.
    3. By refocusing the service on users and offering them an end-to-end journey, mobility alternatives within the selected fields are profoundly changing urban transportation systems and may become a lever for regional development.
  • Objectives:
    1. To solve European cities’ challenges that are seeing their transportation and mobility fields change in a fast way.
    2. To solve companies’ challenges they are looking to innovate and create new business models that adapt efficiently to new market needs.
    3. To accelerate the introduction of mobility innovations to the market.

Objectives and Outcomes


Based on the outcomes and impact from previous batches (Acceleration Program – Hub South), the E+ Mobility Accelerator may impact three different levels:

  • Impact on participants: the program aims to help startups accelerate the introduction of their solutions to the market through
    1. Training and (business / technical) mentoring to acquire new skills | and know-how and to review their strategy
    2. Access to living labs and city representatives
    3. Access to companies to understand their challenges and best fit their solutions to solve them
    4. Exposure to relevant stakeholders and visibility within the EIT Urban Mobility Community
    5. Additional funding

(i.e. 4 of our startups have already received private funding from EIT UM with an avg. of €50.000 besides of closing funding rounds such as Vianova of €1.8M and Journify €440K).

  • Impact on cities: the program aims to help cities understand how they can improve their mobility offering (which innovations may be implemented according to their infrastructure and bureaucracy), provide support to identify new solutions that can solve the challenges they are facing and promote the deployment of initial pilots (e.g. Vianova closed a deal with the city of Milan – right after making contact with them through the acceleration program – to improve the integration of shared mobility services through its platform).
  • Impact on companies: the program aims to help companies understand how the market is evolving, which are the new trends that are arising and which technologies/solutions may define the future of mobility (mobility & energy, micro-mobility and shared mobility fields). Companies may also be invited to expose their challenges to find suitable (startup) solutions or to explore joint developments (e.g. SmartMonkey closed deals with Alfil Logistics and Savinco after participating in the acceleration program).