Project purpose and Description


Disrupting MaaS aims to develop educational material in the form of a MOOC that provides recommendations on implementing strategic roadmaps for MaaS in Europe and around the world, based on a thorough analysis of international best practices and lessons learned, along with the structured discussion within its European ecosystem and key players in this sector.

The proposed MOOC provides knowledge and information for professionals, companies and practitioners to set and define future MaaS frameworks. The target audience of this MOOC is the first-place professionals working for mobility providers, transport agencies and local governments as well as municipalities willing to work towards a MaaS implementation.

Furthermore, Disrupting MaaS had also been of interest to the general citizen interested in sustainable mobility and innovation, since it will give the information needed for a smooth transition and implementation of a MaaS system.


Objectives and outcomes


For 2022, the expectation was to complete and launch the course materials, as well as reach 1000 registered alumni and 50-course completions.