Project purpose and Description


The objective of City RAPTOR is to match the challenges of cities and neighbourhoods with start-ups and SMEs offering innovative mobility products or services. This new program, promoted by the EIT Urban Mobility, launches a competition open to EU-based start-ups and SMEs that can mitigate or solve 3 urban mobility challenges currently facing the city of Tel Aviv: i) anti-theft of bicycles and scooters, ii) curb management and iii) pedestrian road safety. The successful bidder of the program will receive financial, technical, and commercial support from the EIT to develop and test its solution quickly and effectively in the city of Tel Aviv.


Objectives and Outcomes


The main objective of the RAPTOR program is to conduct rapid pilots within the city of Tel Aviv, with selected start-ups and SMEs that can solve 3 niche urban mobility challenges that the city is facing.