Project purpose and Description


Children and youth empowerment through the DecidiUm digital platform (CES4Kids) aims to provide a direct participation experience for children and youth in the co-creation of mobility planning. Likewise, it will allow cities, academia, and industry actors to gain valuable data and knowledge about their mobility habits to design more suitable solutions for them.

Through the Citizen Engagement digital platform, the project will include the creation of classroom-ready educational content, hands-on learning activities, and awareness-raising events, as well as the elaboration, debate, and prioritization of proposals for improving public space and mobility services. Workshops will also act as testbeds for innovative mobility solutions aimed at enhancing daily travel to schools and hastening social acceptance of the change.

Finally, CES4Kids will provide a communication approach as well as a set of tools and processes that will be distributed to schools and public institutions, allowing EIT UM to reach a wider audience and have a greater impact.


Objectives and Outcomes


  • Its main goal: To provide children and youth with the knowledge and technical skills to address mobility issues so that they can become change agents.
  • Its output: To develop guidelines, tools, and processes for using digital and innovative means to better engage and empower citizens in urban mobility planning.