Project purpose and Description


Our accelerator proposal is a solid alliance thanks to our Consortium members. The set of partners allows the contribution of added value through 1) Their experience and knowledge in the business and technical fields from previous participation in incubation/acceleration programs; 2) Access to different ecosystems to find deal flow, partners, investors and, access to South European countries (Greece, South Italy & France, Spain, Albania, etc.) and, in the future, to our partners’ international network China & US.

This proposal lies on eight fundamental pillars for the execution and success of the project, which will be carried out through eight work packages with the leadership and expertise of the best parties. From the management of the accelerator, through marketing, start-up selection, training, mentoring, co-working spaces, the connection with the ecosystem (local and international), and the support for the search for funding and investment.

The acceleration proposal is based on our model which allows companies to validate their business model quickly, access a wider segment of customers, improve brand positioning and reach new markets. In that way, we offer value to accelerated companies by achieving fast and effective scalability in the market and a fast adoption by society of its Urban Mobility technological solutions. This model is focused on:

  • To scout potential start-ups and relevant stakeholders connected to innovation and investment within the Urban mobility field covering the south of Europe.
  • To filter & pre-selection top 5 startups that will participate in the first cohort.
  • To offer training to the participants in the batch.
  • To provide business and technical mentoring to accelerate access to the market of 5 accelerated start-ups.
  • To provide some facilities to the selected startups for 6 months.
  • To provide access to European and international ecosystems.
  • To provide access to private investors and to other strategic stakeholders.


Objectives and Outcomes


We aim to offer value to accelerated companies to achieve fast and effective scalability in the market allowing a rapid adoption by society of its Urban Mobility technological solutions.

One of the objectives of our proposal is to become a seed generator of filtered, matured and prepared projects (quality Deal Flow generator). To do so, we use our partners’ channels and resources to attract and select qualified projects.

Moreover, we help startups acquire new business knowledge (training sessions) and provide them with our mentors’ expertise (business/technical) and tools to improve their business model, product development and commercialization strategy.

We focus on the preparation to tackle new phases once the business model and value proposal are already developed and clear. In this way, we contribute to the generation of a specialized knowledge ecosystem in Urban Mobility with the attraction of agents, partners, projects, and talent around the same sector, with the clear objective to improve startups growth in the shortest time possible to develop a stable and scalable business model.

In this way, we have planned some actions to promote the generation of an Urban Mobility Ecosystem through our partners’ network with (1)Different agents(companies, tech centres, public administration,..); (2) South European countries (North Macedonia, Spain, South Italy & France,…); (3)In the future, with our partners’ international connections (China, USA). This large network will help find attractive deal flow, partners and investors to help startups grow faster and become sustainable.

In parallel we pursue bringing the possibility to start-ups, to use the infrastructure, spaces, and resources of regions, to generate contact with citizens and ecosystems in order to prototype their solutions and business models. We want to approximate the cities & ecosystems as prototyping areas, as this is a big add value to our proposal for potential start-up applicants.