NEWS - 2019/12/17

CARNET participates in the presentation of The Mobility Master Plan 2020 – 2025

The proposal for the Metropolitan Transport Authority’s Mobility Master Plan 2020–2025  (pdM) was presented on September 20 at the Born Cultural and Memorial Centre (CCM). Among the 250 attendees were representatives of the main administrations and public institutions of the mobility sector of Catalonia.
The plan’s aim is to create a more efficient and sustainable digital mobility model, which is also inclusive and reliable. It covers the mobility of people and goods over the course of the next five years in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area.

During the event, the objectives, motivations and main areas of which the pdM is based were described. A group of specialist industry experts worked together to draft the plan. As part of this interdisciplinary group, Laia Pagès, the Executive and Scientific Manager of CARNET, presented one of the ten highlights, “Tools for Healthy Mobility”. This area included a set of measures to reduce the external impacts of private transport such as noise, congestion and air pollution. Within these main measures, the Low Emission Zones and Active Measures for Parking Management were discussed, which will supercede the current plan to become the basis for a more sustainable model of mobility. To sum up, the need for a modal change in the general public will improve their health and well-being.