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Arthur C. Clarke
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04 | 2017
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First Pilot Test In Barcelona For An On-Demand Shuttle Service

CARNET, together with with SEAT, the RACC and the start-up Shotl, have cooperated to pilot the first on-demand ride-sharing system in Barcelona. The project, called� Barcelona, Smart Shuttle Pilot�proposes a new transport system that has been tested with UPC students and staff of the RACC as an alternative form of mobility when there is a lack of public transport, or as an additional, more convenient option under some circumstances. This is a sustainable, efficient, flexible model of urban mobility that increases the satisfaction and adapts to the mobility needs of the travelers. This project was promoted by SEAT and had various participants. inLab FIB UPC, contributed Read more...

CARNET in the newspappers: On-Demand Shuttle Services continued

La Vanguardia. Click here to read the article.


CARNET presents the SEAT Autonomous Driving Challenge

The SEAT Autonomous Driving Challenge is a new project format, designed and organized by CARNET and powered by SEAT. Its target is mid-term training and development of future talent in robotics and artificial intelligence. The event will be the first public project of this magnitude in Spain. In addition to the CARNET network, the project is supported by TU Berlin represented by the expert team of Prof. Dr Ra�l Rojas, an European reference in autonomous driving technologies, and Prof. Dr Alberto Sanfeliu, the Scientific Director of the �Maria de Maeztu Unit of Excellence� of the IRI (UPC-CSIC). Read more...


The PTV Group joins CARNET

We welcome the Planung Transport Verkehr AG (PTV GROUP)�as a new CARNET industrial partner. The PTV Group (Karlsruhe, 1979) is a German company that takes a holistic approach to mobility, integrating all aspects of traffic, transport and logistics to create and promote sustainable movement. Recognized as a global market leader, PTV Group develops intelligent software solutions for transport logistics, traffic planning and traffic management. This saves time and money for cities, companies and people; enhances road safety; and minimizes the impact on the environment. Based on its unique expertise in every facet of mobility, PTV Group ensures that people and goods arrive at their destinations safe and sound, and on time. This new member will foster new opportunities for cooperation, synergies and innovation in the field of urban mobility. Read more...

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dda54fb7-10ce-4abf-a1da-c6fa20b952d8.png� CARNET visits the NFF facilities dda54fb7-10ce-4abf-a1da-c6fa20b952d8.png �CARNET visits the Metropolis:LAB
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Urban Development:Barcelona�s �superblocks�: a radical challenge to the neoliberal city? (PC). Study: Using Google Street View to detect urban change (Phys Org). What the UK can learn from Singapore's smart city (WiredUk).�Smart City 2.0: Shifting the Focus from Infrastructure to People ( GovTech).

Electric future:Volvo will only make EVs or hybrids starting in 2019 (Atlantic). France will Ban 'All Petrol Vehicles' by 2040 (CityLab). Urban myth busting: Congestion, idling, and carbon emissions (City Obserbatory). Wireless EV charging overcomes a major hurdle (Standford). The Electric Car Revolution Is Accelerating (Bloomberg).

Future mobility:Lessons from America's �70s cycling craze (Curbed). Inside Uber's Unstettling alliance with shady car dealers (Qz). New Law Aims To Put 100,000 Driverless Test Cars On Public Roads (Jalopink). End of Car OwnerShip (WSJ). I've Responed to All 347 Comments On WSJ's 'End Of Car Ownership' Article (Medium). Alphabet-Avis Deal to Manage Self-Driving Fleet (Bloomberg). Detroit Car firms try to match Silicon Valley (Economist). Forester: Self Driving to make global economy "unrecognizable" by 2035 (ReadWrite).

Ridesharing:Volkswagen�s MOIA Acquires Split Finland Oy (Cleantech). Open ride-hailing tech that hides your travel data (Endgadget). Visualizing Uber and Lyft trips in SF:200k a day (Hackernoon). Lyft reinvents the Bus (New york magazine). On London's Streets, Black Cabs and Uber Fight for a Future (NYT). a $7 trillion Passenger Economy-Market? Intel thinks so (fool).

Phone on wheels:� Connected cars: your questions answered (Telegraph). Cars as feature-phones (Benedict Evans). In the auto Industry, the Future is Software-Not machinery (Caranddriver).

fe35eedd-c74c-4689-aba6-7bd7dbdc1ecc.jpg ABOUT our partners

Increasing Confidence in Automated Vehicles

The RACC is taking part in Brave, a European project coordinated by Treelogic that aims to promote increased confidence in automated vehicles by society. It encourages acceptance of automated vehicles at SAE level 3: driving mode-specific performance by an automated driving system that undertakes all aspects of the dynamic driving task, with the expectation that the human driver will respond appropriately to a request to intervene. The RACC will help to determine user and stakeholder requirements, and will participate in user validation studies, by managing the pilot in Catalonia. Read more...

The Altran Foundation for Innovation donates over 2,500 hours of voluntary work and consultancy to social projects

The Altran Foundation for Innovation has donated and managed over 2,500 hours of voluntary work and consultancy in over 50 social projects, with the assistance of over 400 volunteers from all over Spain. The aim of Altran Foundation, created at the end of 2016, is to promote development of technological innovation, science, improvement in living conditions and education for the public and the most underprivileged sectors of society.


Innovation in the Automotive Sector

CIAC provides the opportunity to present innovative projects in the automotive sector at the Innovation Corner: a place where companies, start-ups, universities and technology centres can present their organization and take
advantage of an international, high-level networking environment. An expert committee will select fifteen innovation initiatives that will be presented at the 32nd IESE AUTO. Further information:
CIAC's event.
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