For the past months, the entire CARNET team has been working from home. This exceptional situation has not stopped us from aiming towards a greener mobility that will help our cities become more liveable and safer.

Our homes have, little by little, become our new work spaces. And although the circumstances are not an obstacle for us, it is inevitable to miss our coffee breaks, our good moments together or the usual â€śgood morning” when entering the office. But, slowly and taking all the security measures available, our team is regaining those instants together by going once or twice per week to the office. 

We keep on working.

New Partners: 
A warm welcome to Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC)

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) joined CARNET by signing the agreement to work together towards a sustainable urban growth. Trains are today a sustainable mode of transport. By researching and developing technology together, multimodality can be improved in Catalonia. Society and the way we move are changing, and with this partnership, it will evolve into a more innovative experience for citizens. Read more

Green Light to Barcelona’s transport network mobility plan for 2020-2025

The 2020-2025 ATM Master Plan for Mobility has been approved by the Catalan Parliament on 14 July. This document, created with the technical assistance of CARNET and other professional organisarions, develops a sustainable mobility map for Barcelona’s metropolitan area, stepping forward into the future and creating a new strategy that integrates optimization of the infrastructure network, quality, and the environment where its located. Read more.

Citython 2020 Barcelona:
Re-imagining the World

The 2020 edition of the Citython in Barcelona, organized by CARNET (initiative coordinated by CIT UPC) in collaboration with BIT Habitat, with the involvement of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya· BarcelonaTech (UPC) and the support of EIT Urban Mobility, welcomed 66 international students and experts to develop ideas to solve 3 current city challenges. This edition tackled problems that Barcelona faces after the COVID-19 crisis. Read more.

Living lab e-micromobility (MOBY)
Micromobility guidelines for an improved safety

CARNET is participating in the MOBY project, which aims at improving the integration of e-micromobility within European cities in a sustainable and safe way. Funded by the EIT Urban Mobility, partners are testing their solutions through pilots and are also developing a regulatory handbook for cities to create a positive environment for their citizens. Read more.

ProMaaS - Mobility as a Service
An optimized travelling experience

Led by CARNET, the Pro-MaaS project’s goal is to develop tools for governments to successfully regulate and deploy MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service). By helping develop policies and regulations, MaaS can reach its full potential of environmental and social benefits, as it could provide travelers with optimized solutions for their exact needs, transforming their experience into a unique one. Read more.

Improving the comfort on shared vehicles

(Picture taken before the COVID pandemic)
The AntiTrash project “Smart maintenance and prevention of damage in shared mobility”, aims at promoting a change in model for the regular maintenance of shared vehicles with optimal results, as cleanliness is extremely important for customers of transportation. CARNET, as one of the project partners, participates in the development of a system that automatically detects rubbish or potential damage in shared vehicles or public transport. The goal is to assure cleaner vehicles for customers to allow them to experience the most pleasant ride possible, as well as increasing trust in these services and helping people switch from private vehicles to more sustainable ways of traveling. Read more.

Mobility after COVID-19 Through the Redesign of Public Spaces and Public Transport Use
FURNISH and FutureMob

CARNET is involved in two projects that deal with the current COVID-19 pandemic crisis, FURNISH and FutureMob. The goal is to reconfigure our public spaces and public transports to make them safe environments and reinvent mobility after COVID-19. Read more.

Business Creation 
Boosting mobility start-ups

CARNET plays a key role boosting selected mobility start-ups to further develop innovative ideas to improve urban mobility. During the past months, CARNET gave the right tools to the start-ups and scale-ups participating in several programs funded by the EIT Urban Mobility on the field of Business Creation, as well as by incorporating a new scouting position into its structure. Read more

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