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NOV | 2016

A year of challenging ideas. See our video in YouTube

A sustainable shuttle solution

A new mode of transport: ride-sharing on-demand in multi-user vehicles

Urban mobility faces challenges that can only be resolved with ingenious and creative sustainable solutions.
Researchers from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) trying to solve the equation have developed a prototype of a sustainable transportation solution.
The prototype is a demand responsive shuttle that combines Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) with the concept of ride-sharing in a multi-user vehicle. Prototypes of transportation such as this one are leading a shift from vehicle ownership to vehicle use.
The main goal of the project was to analyse the proposed transport model in an urban area and its impacts on traffic and transport operations.
Results show that this transport model is beneficial for cities in terms of reducing traffic flow and parking space requirements, and for users by reducing their total travel time.
See the details of the prototype and the project.

Creative Lab 3rd edition

An innovative teaching initiative that connects universities and industry

The German group Volkswagen and SEAT have developed an innovative teaching project that aims to explore new ideas alongside students from the School of Industrial, Aeronautical and Audiovisual Engineering of Terrassa, ESEIAAT, at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, UPC.
The project, entitled Creative Lab, is running for the third time this year with twenty students who will be given the task of proposing new solutions for topics of interest provided by Volkswagen Group Research and SEAT.
See further information in our site.


Symposium “Urban Mobility Challenges”

On 14 November, the symposium “URBAN MOBILITY CHALLENGES” will be organized by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, UPC, and the Technische Universität de Brauchweig, as part of the Cooperative Automotive Research Network, CARNET.
The symposium, which is sponsored by CARNET and the he Automotive Research Centre Niedersachsen, NFF, will involve the participation of international experts on urban planning and on connectivity concepts and mobility services. All them will present proposals addressing the global challenge of improving mobility in our cities.
Attendance is free. See further details.

What we have done

Formula Student

The aim of the competition is to simulate a real situation in which a company hires engineers to develop a prototype

Formula Student is a competition that faces students from different universities (like Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, UPC) in the categories of design, development, construction and driving a racing car.
This event, which is sponsored by SEAT, was held between 25 and 28 of August at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, and is known as one of the most important in Europe.
Competitions like Formula Student will provide the future talents that the automotive industry requires. UPC Teams, all competing with electric vehicles have made a big step forward from the previous year.
At CARNET we support this kind of initiative, and during the official launch of the CARNET project of 1st of June we introduced to the audience two of the Formula Student' teams. CARNET participated in the jury for business models. See further information in this video.



Ludwigsburg's council

Urban solutions

The Town Council of Ludwigsburg, Germany, decided to visit Barcelona as a pioneer city on terms of urban mobility. Their purpose was to see how Barcelona faces up to mobility challenges and which tech solutions are being implemented. The agenda included a meeting in the CARNET offices, where we presented our projects. From our particular positions, CARNET and Ludwigsburg Town Council are working towards similar goals, so we stablished the base for future cooperation.


Jaume Barceló's keynote

EWGT 2016

The 19th EURO Working Group on Transportation Meeting (EWGT2016) was held in Istanbul, Turkey on September. It was a unique opportunity to share theoretical and applied research results in transportation and logistics systems. CARNET's Academic Director and emeritus professor at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Dr. Jaume Barceló, presented the keynote: Traffic Simulation: where we are and where we go.
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What our partners are doing

Altran's most recent master

Altran, Altran in collaboration with the European University have recently launched the first Motorsport Engineering Master's, supported by the FIA. It is a training course that provides skills in the mechanics of sports vehicles.

Revolutionary software by Altran

Altran and Jaguar Land Rover have launched CoherenSE®, a ground-breaking open software platform for the next generation of intelligent vehicles. It will enables future vehicles to be updated and customised like smartphones.


COMPANION is an EC-funded research project aimed at the development of a real-time coordination system to dynamically create, maintain and dissolve platoons of heavy-duty vehicles. Applus IDIADA, one of CARNET's partners, is involved in the project.
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