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A new generation of connected vehicle: 
Beamforming, technology for multi-element antennas at  very high frequencies.

Until now, a connected vehicle, in which vehicles have an awareness of their surrounds, has been beset with limitations. Improvements are needed particularly in the areas of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). New infotainment systems and more recent communication systems and their sensors, both of which require progressively higher levels of autonomy, are also of concern. . . . Read more



Symposium on "Urban Mobility Challenges"

On November 18, CARNET organised the fifth edition of the Symposium on Urban Mobility Challenges where international speakers from a range of professional backgrounds shared views on digital technologies in transport.

It is becoming increasingly important to use data to organise transport and keep roads safe. Last year, 185 people lost their lives in road accidents in Catalonia. In response to this . . . Read more

Becoming a "Lighthouse" region of future mobility technologies

As a platform for cooperation, CARNET is channelling its innovation efforts for the mobility industry, which includes input from local universities and institutional partners, and had identified six main challenges: Accessibility and Inclusiveness, Pollution and Congestion, Urban Space Allocation and Urban Growth, Behavioural Change, Future Mobility Demands, and Data, Multimodality and Safety. CARNET focuses on ... Read more

CARNET is sponsoring the course “The End of Driving: Planning for Autonomous Mobility” (Barcelona, February 4-6, 2020), organised by FACTUAL together with Harmony Mobility, ESADE Creapolis and other sponsors. The course is geared toward industry leaders of autonomous vehicle (AV) technology, as well as decision-makers at city, metropolitan and regional level, who want to broaden their views of the challenges that cities will face with the introduction of AVs. Read more


CARNET participates in the presentation of The Mobility Master plan 2020 - 2025

The proposal for the Metropolitan Transport Authority’s Mobility Master Plan 2020–2025 (pdM) was presented on September 20 at the Born Cultural and Memorial Centre (CCM). Among the 250 attendees were representatives of the main administrations and public institutions of the mobility sector of Catalonia.
The plan’s aim is to create a more efficient and sustainable digital mobility model, which is also inclusive and reliable. It covers the mobility of people and goods over the course of the next five years in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area... Read more


Blockchain Technology applied to Urban Mobility

Although its implementation is still incipient, Blockchain technology has opened up a wide range of application possibilities with new ways of sharing data between devices and, alongside this, new business models. According to the ACCIÓ Blockchain report in Catalonia, there are at least 35 companies in the Catalan blockchain ecosystem and the number is rising due to innovation in the mobility sector. Supporting this, the Government of Catalonia has developed the Blockchain Strategy of Catalonia... Read more

 The opportunity for Mobility as a Service in Catalonia

In recent years, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) has raised a great deal of interest among the international transport community, and Catalonia has been no exception regarding this global trend. Indeed, MaaS has the potential to generate profound disruptive changes with implications for the way passengers and freight move in the near future, and also... Read more


Connect and Experience

Executive and Scientific Manager of CARNET, Dr. Laia Pagès was invited to participate in the “California – Europe Connect and Experience” programme from December 1-6, 2019. Over the course of a week, a delegation of innovation managers, from the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) and the Knowledge Innovation Communities (KICs) covering sectors such as Climate, Food, Mobility and Healthcare, visited universities, and innovation centres and agencies in California. The purpose of the programme was ... Read more

Dr. Laia Pagés & Lenka Čílová with the group.
The group at the Office of Civic Innovation

Citython Barcelona 2019. Rethinking mobility in cities, Innovative solutions for inclusive and sustainable public spaces.

Reflecting on the relationship of people, technology and cities, the second consecutive edition of the Citython was held within Smart City Week, a Barcelona City Council initiative with over 50 activities scheduled between November 11-17. The Citython, supported by the EIT Urban Mobility and organised by CARNET, with the coordination of the UPC and the collaboration of Lobelia, took place at Ca l'Alier.. Read more


CARNET at the 4th General Assembly of EIT Urban Mobility

Held in Prague on September 2-6, CARNET participated in the fourth General Assembly of EIT Urban Mobility. During the session, the latest activities of the consortium were presented. Monika Bachofner, acting as interim Chief Operating Officer, handed over the mantle to Juan Carlos Espada. The KIC management team thanked Monika Bachofner for her valuable work in KIC Urban Mobility. Read more
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