NEWS - 2021/02/11

Molière, a Mobility Data Marketplace (MDM) Underpinned by Blockchain Technology and Geo-Location Data from GALILEO

Molière officially kicked-off on December 9. For the past months, the consortium has been working on the early development and future steps for the project, which will have a duration of 24 months and has been awarded 1,9M € in funding by the European GNSS Agency. The goal is to promote more sustainable, affordable, equitable, and accessible mobility, where micromobility and shared mobility services increasingly complement public transport.

Molière’s main outcome will be the development of the world’s best open data commons for mobility services, a Mobility Data Marketplace (MDM), underpinned by blockchain technology and geo-location data from GALILEO, raising its profile, visibility, availability, and utility.

For the next months, a consortium coordinated by FACTUAL, and with the participation of CARNET – CIT UPC, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC), Osborne Clarke, SEAT, Iomob – The Internet of Mobility, ATM – Autoritat del Transport Metropolità, and Octo Telematics, will work to demonstrate a diverse set of concrete, highly relevant mobility scenarios and use cases where geo-location data is key, addressing the needs of cities, public transport authorities, mobility service providers, and end-users.

One of the main goals of the project will be to ensure that road safety and environmental data from traffic and new mobility services can be exploited in a secure, anonymous, and decentralized way. Notably, safety-related information (apart from crash-related data) is today still siloed by technology companies or vehicle manufacturers. There is a lot of potential to improve the level of information available for regulators, authorities, as well as for the users and private operators. Thanks to the foundational characteristics of blockchain, authenticated geo-positioning data from GALILEO won’t reveal sensitive data from operators nor users.

In order to achieve these goals, a hackathon will be organized in the following weeks to identify needs, and work towards profiling applications building on the Molière concept and vision. Different challenges related to the feasibility of a new Data Marketplace will be presented, and participants are going to come forward with innovative methods to validate and use the data of this platform securely. Moreover, hackers will need to tackle some of the bigger issues that mobility services present during the daily commuting of their users, such as the loss of their vehicles in specific areas of the city of Barcelona due to an inaccurate geo-positioning.

More information about the project and the upcoming activities: