NEWS - 2021/12/20

Dr. Lluís Jofre Roca Participates at Technological Innovation Day on Sustainable Mobility

On 16 December 2021, Dr. Lluís Jofre Roca, Academic Director at CARNET, was part of the panel of experts participating at the Technological Innovation Day on Sustainable Mobility, hosted by Tecno and Clúster Digital. During the event, it was made clear that the mobility sector is going through a pivotal moment to develop new services to make citizens’ lives easier. During the session, the main trends that power the sector were explained, including Mobility as a Service (MaaS) or sustainability measures to improve the quality of our means of transportation.

According to Lluís Jofre, the automotive and mobility sector is involved in a process of very intense changes and disruptions, which will have a great impact on urban environments and require new forms of deployment. In this context, public administrations must play a central and dynamic role and let sustainability be a driver of social acceptance. This new mobility landscape will affect the design of vehicles, city organisation, urban space use, digitisation of mobility infrastructure, and even user-vehicle relationship models. It is believed that the new mobility future will be achieved through electric, connected, autonomous, and shared vehicles, in which the transportation of people and goods will be combined.

This sector is a central pillar for Catalonia’s industrial strength and economy (10% of GDP and the first industrial sector in Catalonia) and given the foreseeable changes, it requires particular attention to remain an important sector. Strong and disruptive changes come with a high-risk, but are also a good opportunity for renewal and strengthening. Catalonia counts on key elements to position itself: a large and dynamic industrial sector, a top-level digital sector, and lastly an international leadership capability when it comes to urban transformation.

These changes may develop rapidly (by 2030 they can mean up to 30% of urban mobility), and we need to anticipate them in order to play a lighthouse role. From CARNET, we are working to concentrate in Catalonia the needed knowledge and innovation capability to obtain the highest social and economic return.

Watch the full video from the event (in Catalan):