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Concept and Mission

CARNET (Cooperative Automotive Research Network)  a knowledge hub for automotive science and technology, focused on urban mobility, and based in Barcelona. It’s ambition is to become a benchmark in this area, in close alliance with European counterparts.

The forecast is that up to 80% of the world’s population will live in cities in the coming decades. This change will challenge urban infrastructures, traffic systems and vehicles. Resources such as energy, space and time will be increasingly limited, while the need for efficient and individual mobility is likely to remain. The challenges these developments create for metropolitan areas and vehicle manufacturers are reflected in trends such as smart cities (e.g., distributed sensing and adaptive control methods for urban infrastructures) and connected driving (e.g., mobile online services and communication between vehicles).

CARNET is a cooperation platform for the mobility industry, local universities and institutional partners that has the following strategic goals:

Organising urban mobility activities in Barcelona

Contributing to strengthening the automotive sector in Spain, and Catalonia in particular

Recruiting proactively for the automotive industry

Networking to seek international research funding (e.g. in cooperation with international partners)

CARNET bases its activity on three pillars:

Training & Education

Structuring and adapting to the industrial and societal needs for the education and training of automotive engineers and scientists.

Cooperative Research

Promoting a highly applied research and innovation in automotive technology through close cooperation between industrial and academic research institutes.


Participation in European / International networks and competitive calls. Creating a high-class automotive research environment in Catalonia.

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Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

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