Welcome2Europe – Global outreach programme for international start-ups

Welcome2Europe – Global outreach programme for international start-ups

The ScaleTHENGlobal programme, developed by the EIT Urban Mobility has opened a new call for participants. A total of 5 start-ups will be selected from around the globe to take part in the activities, which will promote global outreach for urban mobility start-ups based outside the European Union.

Welcome2Europe will host 5 international start-up companies who are targeting Europe, and will give them the opportunity to be introduced to investors and local hub partners. EIT Urban Mobility, supported by EIT and funded by the European Union, aims to accelerate innovative solutions to improve mobility across our region.

This activity will foster engagement between start-ups, small and medium-size enterprises, original equipment manufacturers, suppliers, public administrations and potential investors. Included in the programme activities, preparation workshops are included to facilitate the selected start-ups to boost their future presentations and networking with potential customers.

We offer:

  • Participation in networking events (online due to COVID) with key stakeholders (such as startups, SMEs, original equipment manufacturers, suppliers, potential investors, and public administrations) for the urban mobility start-ups participating.
  • Participation in workshops and mentoring sessions with international experts.
  • Access or participation to Smart City Expo World Congress
  • Introduction to the local ecosystem
  • Access to the EIT Urban Mobility network and ecosystem.

Call opening: 20 July 2021

Deadline for the submission of proposals: 20 August 2021

Link to programme website & registration: