Connect and Experience

Connect and Experience

Executive and Scientific Manager of CARNET, Dr. Laia Pagès was invited to participate in the “California – Europe Connect and Experience” programme from December 1-6, 2019. Over the course of a week, a delegation of innovation managers, from the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) and the Knowledge Innovation Communities (KICs) covering sectors such as Climate, Food, Mobility and Healthcare, visited universities, and innovation centres and agencies in California. The purpose of the programme was to build stronger links between innovation agencies in Europe and those there, identifying opportunities to collaborate on potential joint projects.

In this programme, participants were informed of the ideas behind education courses, which combine technical and entrepreneurial skills, tailored business creation and acceleration services, and innovation-driven research projects. This brings new ideas and solutions to the market, makes entrepreneurs of students and, most importantly, delivers innovation.

This supports EIT’s vision to become Europe’s leading initiative empowering innovators and entrepreneurs by developing world-class solutions to challenges that face society and creating skilled employment and growth. EIT has ambitions outside of Europe, too, positioning at an international level its innovation model among other successful innovation initiatives, showcasing EIT-supported innovation activities, raising support for EIT innovators, and strengthening EIT innovation ecosystems by attracting partners, organisations and students from all around the world. EIT’s Global Network includes three strategic locations: the USA (Silicon Valley), Israel (Tel Aviv) and China (Beijing).