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The mobility sector is facing a major challenge due to population growth in cities, and the rising demand for a cleaner, greener world. In addition, new technologies such as the Internet and on-board computers (whether mobile phones in pockets, or computers integrated into vehicles), allow us to be more connected than ever before, thereby creating a range of technological and digital possibilities that will be key for understanding the future of mobility.
The Hackathon focuses on these aspects: how we will move, our experience while on the move, and the services derived from our movements.
At CARNET, we want to promote new ideas for the future of mobility, offering attendees the chance to participate in the Hackathon. This creative event includes tutorials on key technologies. A wide range of devices will be available for use, and key data will be provided to validate the solutions that are developed.


Social Mobility: waking up the machines

by Cátedras
This Challenge focuses on how to make mobility more socially sustainable using information and communication technologies.

AI For Mobility & Driving Experience
This Challenge focuses on how to improve Mobility and Driving Experience using a Cozmo Robot and its Artificial Intelligence

Visualizing Mobility

This challenge focuses on how can we see and identify the patterns of mobility inside the city, creating or improving services derived from them.

7,500€ in prizes

Three major prizes of 2,000€ and special mentions.

32 hours of hacking

Non-stop hacking with relaxation zones.

Exclusive Training

Specialiced training in cutting-edge technologies.

5th March


On this day, the Challenges will be presented and teams must be formed by the end of the session (there will be a networking time if you come solo). It's mandatory to  attend this session in order to assist to participate in the Hackathon. From this day, teams can start sending a filled form with at least 3 ideas (one of each category) that you want to develop in our hackathon. Download the form here and send it to before Thursday 4th March 18:00h.

9th March

Introduction day

Teams have until Friday 9th to think about the ideas they want to develop, before they present them online. On the 9th March, participants will have the opportunity to enjoy specialised training.

10th March

Hacking day

On this day, participants will hack from 9am to 11:59 pm.

11th March

Last day

On this day, participants will hack from 9am to 3pm.

You have to meet some requirements to participate

  • You have to be at least 18 years old.
  • You must attend (or have attended) college in a technical field.

Fluent English
Technical Knowledge
Willing to have fun

Last year winners

Team Thor
Smart Mobility Winner

An user from outside of Barcelona wants to go from A to B. The plan is to calculate where the user will park its car in a micro city when reaching Barcelona, and then it calculates the public transport the he will need to use to reach the point B. An App is used to help the user finding those Micro Cities and the services inside it. If the user uses those services, he's rewarded with discounts.

Team Vader
Driving Experience Apps

The aim is to give users an app that encourages them to take alternative routes to minimize the overall user travel time. If the user has to take a route other than the optimal one, he/she will be rewarded. The app uses OpenStreetMap and is browser-oriented.

Team Vegeta
Driving Experience (hardware) winner

Detection and early warning of cyclists or other two-wheeled vehicles. Through ibeacon technology, vehicles will be able to detect those vehicles or obstacles by incorporating an ibeacon device that allows them to be located at a distance. Even without visibility, the vehicle could detect with a margin of error of few centimeters what is the position of the bike or motorcycle.

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