NEWS - 2019/07/04


Hackathon Mobility Barcelona was held at UPC on 18th, 23rd and 24th of March. 60 participants who were mainly students with different background took part in this event organized by CARNET with the collaboration of SEAT.

The participants of the Hackathon were divided in small groups and faced one of the two challenges proposed by the organization. On one hand, the students had to solve the problem with the sound of Electric Vehicles. They had to create and design a new sound for EV because nowadays Electric Vehicles make a minimum sound while they travel through the city and this could be dangerous for pedestrians. Moreover, this is an opportunity for car brands to create a commercial and distinguished vehicle sound. This challenge gathered together telecommunications engineers, marketing experts, DJ and music producers.

The second challenge consisted in creating a gamification tool to not only maintain our working space clean according to 5S philosophy, also improving the working productivity with an entertaining and motivational method.  This challenge also gathered together people from different backgrounds in order to provide different opinions and solutions and add value to the final result, such as experts in human resources, management engineers and web and app developers.

All the challenges were introduced in the general presentation the first day of the Hackathon, where the organization give tutorials and masterclasses of the challenges so participants could make the first impressions and have knowledge in key topics to develop their final solutions.

The competition started on Saturday 23rd and the participants had almost two days of intense hacking, to develop and program their ideas before the presentation in front of the jury. By the end of the weekend the awarded teams were:

5S Challenge .

  • Pizza: 1st Prize
  • Rocket: 2nd Prize

E-Sound Challenge

  • ADD: 1st Prize
  • Asterix: 2nd Prize