NEWS - 2024/02/28

Greenmob Promotes Sustainable Urban Mobility While Reducing CO2 Emissions

The GreenMob project’s kick-off took place this February, with a consortium made of CARNET as the leader of the project, Instant System as the commercialisation partner, and WeCity, Start Romagna, Cesena City, DVK, and Viladecans City.

This cutting-edge initiative is supported by EIT Urban Mobility and aims to tackle urban mobility challenges by promoting sustainable transport options, reducing pollution, and providing a certified CO2 emissions calculator with automatic transport mode recognition integrated into Mobility as a Service (MaaS) journey planners.

This API-based tool introduces a comprehensive journey planner that integrates multiple modes of transport, providing users with detailed information on routes, schedules, fares, and real-time updates, recognizing the mode of transport used, and calculating their emissions. This feature empowers consumers to make informed decisions by considering the environmental impact of their travel choices, reducing CO2 emissions, promoting sustainable and eco-friendly transportation, and increasing awareness regarding sustainability and related data.

To determine the feasibility and effectiveness of the solution, GreenMob will conduct tests in three cities: Cesena in Italy, Viladecans in Spain, and Debrecen in Hungary. These cities have been carefully selected to represent diverse urban environments, allowing the project to gather valuable insights into the implementation and performance of the solution.

The three pilot demonstrations are expected to be developed in the following months, and data will be collected and measured to determine their impact, paving the path for their further development and widespread implementation.