NEWS - 2019/12/17

CARNET at the fourth General Assembly of EIT URBAN MOBILITY

Held in Prague on September 2-6, CARNET participated in the fourth General Assembly of EIT Urban Mobility. During the session, the latest activities of the consortium were presented. Monika Bachofner, acting as interim Chief Operating Officer, handed over the mantle to Juan Carlos Espada. The KIC management team thanked Monika Bachofner for her valuable work in KIC Urban Mobility.

Running alongside were various specific workshops including a session in which 160 project ideas were presented for the next call in 2021. CARNET, an initiative with the CIT UPC’s technical coordination, presented eight ideas in total.

In addition, a meeting of City Club was held. Being a collaborative space for cities that are members of the consortium, they shared experiences and solutions of new mobility challenges from the perspectives of sustainable technology and user behaviour, policy and organisational structure with the desire to implement.

The Factory working group of EIT Urban Mobility met to give European cities solutions to the mobility challenges of the future. The first tool the Factory launched, the Urban Mobility Auditing System (UMAM), helps cities analyse the performance of current mobility ecosystems and detect potential improvements.