NEWS - 2022/06/16

Dr. Estanislau Roca Presents His Work at the Iranian Artists Forum in Tehran

On 9 June, Dr. Estanislau Roca, architect and member of CARNET’s academic board, participated in the opening ceremony of the Fifth Week of Spanish Architecture at the Iranian Artists Forum in Tehran. During the act, Spain’s Ambassador to Iran Ángel Losada introduced the two invited exposers, Dr. Estanislau Roca and Francisco Mangado, whose work will be on display at the Paiz Gallery.

Dr. Estanislau Roca is a renowned architect whose research focuses on the public space and the urban project of the contemporary metropolis. He works both on larger territory and city scales, as well as in building and public space design. He is the author of a dozen books and numerous specialised articles, and has received numerous prestigious teaching, research, and professional awards. He is currently a full professor at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC), as well as a member of CARNET’s academic board.

The event, held in collaboration with Shahid Beheshti University and the Polytechnic University of Madrid, praised the impact of Iranian architecture in Spain and vice versa, with a particular emphasis on the influence of Iranian caravanserais in European castles. Losada expressed his personal joy at discovering more commonalities and amicable ties between Iran and Spain. According to Roca and Mangado, architecture can help bring nations and cultures together, as well as change a society and improve people’s lives.

The exhibition will be on display until June 23rd and will feature architectural artworks by Dr. Estanislau Roca and Francisco Mangado. From CARNET we congratulate both architects for their influential work and remark the value of international collaboration in architecture, engineering, and overall innovation.