NEWS - 2020/04/15

Daniel Serra´s warm farewell:  CARNET wishes him success at EIT Urban Mobility!

Dear partners and CARNET community,
With mixed feelings, we must say farewell to our colleague Daniel Serra. We are sad to see him leaving CARNET, but happy that he is extending his career boundaries.
Daniel Serra’s time at CARNET was fruitful and successful. Through his great involvement and vision over the years, he consolidated CARNET’s position as a benchmark in urban mobility.
Since he joined CARNET in 2015, Daniel has contributed to putting CARNET at the forefront of Urban Mobility of the Future, with his leadership, knowledge of the automobile sector and understanding of its transformation. His achievements include a remarkable contribution to the National Research Award for public-private partnership in R&D 2017, granted by the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation.

Daniel, we are going to miss the passion you put into your work every day, your curiosity in disruptive technology, your dynamic spirit and your willingness to improve and build. We’re going to really miss your warmth and good humour.
We hope you have a very successful career at EIT as Director of the South Innovation Hub and
we wish you all the best for the future.