NEWS - 2022/06/20

Citython Košice 2022 – Enthusiasts and Innovators to Focus on Intelligent Solutions for Smart Cities

From 1 July to 3 July 2022 the city of Košice will host the second edition of Citython 2022, a global competition where students, innovators and enthusiasts from different fields related to urban mobility are invited to participate in close teamwork to develop creative solutions, innovative ideas and contribute to a sustainable future of the city. Citython aims to bring together multidisciplinary teams of students and professionals of different backgrounds to develop solutions that address the challenges in urban mobility faced by cities.

The Citython, which will take place for three days, from 1 July to 3 July 2022 in TECHNICOM University Science Park in Košice (Slovakia), opens its doors to anyone interested in contributing to improving the quality of mobility in the city. IT enthusiasts and analysts who enjoy working with “open data”, marketers, managers, urban planners, architects, software engineers and anyone else open to the Citython theme are invited to participate.

Organized by CARNET (coordinated by CIT UPC) in collaboration with the Technical University of Košice (TUKE), KAJO, and PowerHUB, the event co-funded by the EIT Urban Mobility, an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) of the European Union. The partners initiative, developed initially by CARNET, brings together cities, universities, research centers, commercial partners and companies to work on urban mobility innovations and make our cities much more enjoyable and comfortable for their citizens.

“We believe that through technology, innovation and the involvement of professionals and the general public, we can help build a better city and our living space,” said Assoc. prof. František Jakab, PhD., who leads the local organising team at TUKE.

Programme and key mobility challenges

Citython Košice 2022 is a hackathon in which the participating teams work on their ideas from the beginning to a presentable project or prototype, over a period of three days. During the weekend, the teams will be accompanied by experienced mentors and experts from various fields, ready to help and advise in the development of innovative solutions. Citython Košice 2022 offers networking and new sources of information from Slovak and international experts in different areas.

As part of the Citythons competition, students and experts working together in multidisciplinary teams will analyse challenges faced by our cities and develop possible solutions to the following issues:

  • A sustainable and healthy city through smart mobility
  • Planning and development of the city towards a greener future
  • Better city management in humanitarian and environmental crises through smart mobility

The intention is to support the development of innovative projects and start-ups that have the potential to be marketed. In this way, the Citython is directly focused on supporting the business and innovation ecosystem in the Košice region, as well as throughout Slovakia and Europe. Citython’s ambition is to create a reference event in Europe that can attract the best talents, including students as well as company employees, and create the most innovative solutions.

This event will host well-known speakers such as Martin Mudrák (City of Košice), Peter Serfözö (Košice self-governing region), Miroslav Biňas (TUKE), Tomáš Pavlik (CVTI SR), Matúš Digo (Antik Telecom), Michaela Starekova (Promiseo) among others.

A number of mentors – experts from the local ecosystem – will offer their experience and ground knowledge to the participants. Among them it will be possible to meet for example Petr Šoltés (CEO Promiseo), Milan Varga (Innovlab Startup Center), Lenka Tkáčová (Slovak Space Office), Anna Pastorekova (CIVITTA), Petr Breyl (ICKK) and others.

Competitors are evaluated by an expert jury, composed of: Daniel Sagath (Slovak Space Office), Miloslav Michalko (Geospatial Data Consultant & Researcher), Milan Kalas (CEO KAJO), Martin Mudrák (City of Košice), and František Jakab (UVP Technicom, TUKE).

The culmination of the event are 5-minute presentations of the created solutions and evaluation by a jury, which will select 3 winning teams. A total of EUR 3,000 will be awarded to each challenge winner, as well as other gifts.

For more information and registration, please visit the project website: