NEWS - 2023/02/03

CARNET Showcases its Autonomous Robot Ona at the Internet of Things Solutions World Congress 2023

During the Internet of Things Solutions World Congress, taking place in Barcelona from 31 January to 2 February 2023, CARNET presented the autonomous robot Ona at the testbed area of the congress. The team had the chance to share their insights on the latest technology in last-mile delivery and discussed the potential applications of their solutions for organizations looking to optimize their operations.

Visitors were able to see this innovative technology in action and learn more about how it planned to drive the digitization of last-mile operations. The robot is a 6-wheeled vehicle capable of autonomously navigating both streets and pedestrian areas thanks to integrated sensors. 

Ona was designed for last-mile delivery of goods and features an interior warehouse that enables it to carry multiple packages. Its high payload capacity transformed it into a multi-drop delivery robot, providing a convenient and efficient solution for delivery operations.

One of the key features of Ona is its ability for human-robot interaction through its two large screens, one at the front and one at the back. This allows seamless communication between the robot and its users. Additionally, Ona can interact with other robots, further increasing its efficiency and capabilities. 

The following business outcomes are expected after the implementation of this robot:

        • A 15% reduction of last-mile delivery operation costs when deployed in an adequate business case.
        • Greenhouse gas emissions generated by last-mile logistics operations will be cut by 45% on a life-cycle basis.
        • Absorb more easily delivery volume variations. The last-mile delivery market shows an important seasonality.
        • Increased safety. Ona circulates at a lower speed than current delivery vans.
        • Accelerate digitization of last-mile operations.

CARNETs’ participation in the IOTSWC was a successful demonstration of the company’s commitment to driving innovation in the IoT market. In addition, Ona’s presence at IOTSWC 2023 was a success and generated a lot of interest among fair visitors. The company’s cutting-edge IoT solutions and innovative approach to technology are sure to be a major force in the industry in the years to come.