NEWS - 2022/09/22

CARNET Moved to Nexus II Building – New, More Central Premises at UPC Campus Nord

The new office spaces of CARNET were officially inaugurated on Monday, 19 September 2022, at the new location at the Nexus II building on c/ Jordi Girona, 29. CARNET’S industrial partners, CARNET’s academic committee, partners from public transportation agencies, sector companies, as well as city representatives, came to celebrate this important step for CARNET in a casual ambiance at the new office.

Dr. Lluis Jofre-Roca, academic director of CARNET, expressed his gratitude for the space provided by the university. The vice-rector for research at UPC, Jordi Llorca, in representation of the director, Daniel Crespo, who was unable to attend because of travel, noted that collaboration between industry and UPC is important and that the UPC will always be open to supporting research in the field of mobility and the automotive sector.

As a temporary replacement for the creative director at CARNET, Andreu Solà, Adrià Martín, Director of R&D Operations, Products & Concepts at SEAT S.A., introduced Anna Homs, R&D Innovation Lead at SEAT, S.A. as the person who will take over his role. Andreu talked about his time at CARNET and received a small gift from the executive director of CARNET, Dr. Laia Pagès, who thanked him for his hard work and dedication.

The new NEXUS II building, which was designed by Ricardo Bofill and constructed to be bright and modern, is the perfect environment for the creative, solution-oriented work CARNET is known for. Business partners will also find a welcoming ambiance with an attractive reception area and modern, multifunctional video conference rooms for meetings and appointments. For the workforce, the move means an improved internal work environment.

CARNET´s move to the representative Nexus II building comes along with the grown importance of CARNET within the regional, national and European community of urban transport, automotive, and mobility.