NEWS - 2018/05/24

CARNET, ITS 2018 Urban Traffic Award



The CARNET (Cooperative Automotive Research Network) initiative received the ITS 2018 award in the Urban Traffic category for the Virtual Mobility Lab project. The award ceremony was held as part of the Seventeenth Spanish Conference on Intelligent Transport Systems, organized by ITS Spain, which was held on 17–19 April in the headquarters of the Spanish Association of Civil Engineers (CICCP), Madrid.
The aim of the Virtual Mobility Lab (VML) is to develop new tools for urban planning. VML, which was developed with the collaboration of SEAT, PTV IBERIA and Kineo, can analyse and assess the impact of smart mobility projects in Barcelona, and its results can be extrapolated before a pilot test is undertaken. Lídia Montero, a researcher with inLab FIB UPC and head of the project, presented the main results, including the first detailed, multimodal model of the

Inner Ring of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area that covers all the modes of public transport that are available, as well as private vehicles and the updated demand for mobility.
ITS is an acronym used by organizations whose activity is focused on the development, promotion and implementation of Intelligent Transport Systems. The activities of ITS Spain include the introduction of intelligence into mobility of people and goods to make it safer, more efficient – in terms of comfort, speed, and accessible, regular information for users – and cleaner, that is, with the least possible impact on the environment.