NEWS - 2020/09/25

Boosting mobility start-ups

CARNET plays a key role boosting selected mobility start-ups to further develop innovative ideas to improve urban mobility. During the past months, CARNET gave the right tools to the start-ups and scale-ups participating in several programs funded by the EIT Urban Mobility on the field of Business Creation.

Preselected scale-ups partook in a Bootcamp that was held on 26 and 27 May 2020. In an online context, representatives of 21 scale-ups participated in intense training sessions led by experts on business development, financing, social media and marketing, among other aspects.  During the sessions, all start-ups had the opportunity to improve their ability to transmit their business models, work on scalability of their business ideas, and prepare themselves for fund raising. After these sessions, the final 15 participants were selected through a life pitch in front of a multidisciplinary jury.

These selected 15 start-ups focus on mobility innovation, in a range of activities that goes from remote operation of vehicles to the display of public transport options in real time, including also new technology for cargo transportation or shared mobility solutions. A wide spectrum of projects that plan on improving our lives by disrupting the ways of travelling and innovating in mobility matters.

The chosen start-ups were able to participate in the “Meet the Future” event, which took place in Hamburg on 16 July. The 15 participant start-ups had the chance to present their projects in front of over 200 potential investors, connecting in a digital environment key stakeholders and scale up representatives for these to grow and expand.

CARNET is focusing now on moving on with Business Creation activities. The two ReadyToScale events, which will occur in the following months, will support promising scale-ups by helping them to implement their solutions in cities and regions across Europe, solving real urban challenges across borders. Mature scale-ups will get a chance to show their potential and exploit it with the help of mentoring sessions by industry leaders and experts.

Furthermore, CARNET is incorporating a new scouting position into its structure. Funded by Volkswagen Innovation Group, this profile will perform technical scouting of start-ups in the south of Europe, a region ready to promote its innovation potential. Focusing on innovative mobility trends on the market, our new contributor will identify promising start-ups in the field of urban mobility.