NEWS - 2020/03/13

Autonomous Delivery Device: Awarded by enerTIC in the Smart Vehicle category

The world is becoming increasingly urban, and the freight transportation plays a

pivotal role in ensuring the liveability of urban spaces, due to its fulfilment of citizens

needs and its induced economic impact. Delivery traffic is a standing-up burden in

urban agglomerations. Conventional transport vehicles, with which goods are transported

directly to the customer, are the ones who cause problems, disrupting the

flow of traffic by claiming parking areas and additional space at the edge of the streets.

A revolution in the automotive world is totally necessary, intelligently integrated and

adapted to the needs of our society. For this reason, the “Autonomous Delivery

Device” (ADD) project has been deployed by CARNET, an autonomous transport unit,

on the so-called last mile that could provide relief to this situation. The ADD, an

innovative and technological solution has been awarded in the “Smart Vehicles”

category by the enerTIC Platform delivered on December 12, its annual reference

awards for the most innovative technological projects to improve energy efficiency and

sustainability. The event took place in the Assembly Hall of the Secretary of State

for Digital progress of the Ministry of Industry and Energy in Madrid.

The prize was collected by Andreu Solà Gomfaus (User experience New mobility, SEAT)

responsible for the project at CARNET.

This is a topic with great potential. Teamwork efforts, and a comprehensive analysis

on the requirements of possible operators, potential customers for such a transport

unit, and the evaluation of the impacts in the management of the transport

infrastructure still need to be further studied.