NEWS - 2020/09/25

Autoritat del Transport Metropolità (ATM) Master Plan for Mobility approved

The 2020-2025 mobility plan for ATM has been approved by Catalonia’s government. This document, created with the technical assistance of CARNET, develops a sustainable mobility map for Barcelona’s metropolitan area, stepping forward into the future and the digital transition by creating a new strategy that integrates optimization of the infrastructure network, quality, and the environment where its located.

The plan includes the following main axis:

  • Citizen’s health.
  • Gender perspective in mobility.
  • Social aspects and accessibility.
  • Digitation and mobility 4.0.

The new mobility plan wants to adapt the transport network to the current and future needs of travelers, answering to the present mobility issues of a society that keeps evolving. During the past years we have seen new modes of transport roam our streets, such as e-scooters or electric vehicles. With the new plan, the ATM wants to coordinate a better mobility offer adapted to our lifestyle and give citizens an improved experience.

CARNET contributed actively to the plan, through a technical assistance. This included the demand management part, park and ride, drones and other topics, giving inputs in the most innovative aspects of the master plan. By incorporating new technologies into the current transports network, CARNET is looking to help the ATM take a step forward into the digital transition. Furthermore, the goal is to integrate public transports into a joint network, developed by the other partners involved in the project, improving in the end users’ experience and optimizes travelling across the whole region the plan covers.