NEWS - 2023/05/30

Advancing Smart Mobility and Digitalization of Transport at ITS European Congress Lisbon 2023

The ITS European Congress Lisbon 2023, organized by ERTICO – ITS Europe, recently concluded as the largest event dedicated to smart mobility and the digitalization of transport. With a focus on exploring innovative strategies and the latest advancements in the field, the conference provided a platform for experts to share their insights and discuss future trends. In this context, CARNET actively contributed to two-panel discussions, shedding light on ground-breaking projects.

In the Special Interest Session (SIS) titled “Road Pricing Enters a New Era“, held on May 23rd, CARNET’s IMMENSE project was discussed. This ambitious initiative aims to redefine urban Road User Charging (RUC) strategies. During the session, panellists engaged in a vibrant discussion about technological advancements related to RUC, including geolocation services. They also explored the potential changes in business models resulting from the implementation of RUC, identified barriers that need to be overcome, and highlighted the downstream benefits that such a system could bring. The IMMENSE project, focused on urban Road User Charging, aims to tackle the challenges associated with private vehicle usage.

On the conference’s final day, May 24th, another SIS focused on the evolving standards of cities’ infrastructure data, where the developments of the Molière project were presented. This project is centred around the creation of a Mobility Data Marketplace (MDM), bolstered by blockchain technology, to enhance the visibility, availability, and utility of geolocation data obtained from Galileo. The expert panel emphasized the necessity for new data standards and formats, driven by the rapid advancements in technology. Molière strives to establish an Open Data Commons for mobility services, fostering collaboration among government entities, operators, users, and the general public. This project is a testament to the increasing importance of data standards and formats in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

The ITS European Congress Lisbon 2023 served as a platform for showcasing the latest advancements and future directions in smart mobility and the digitalization of transport. CARNET made significant contributions to two-panel discussions, shedding light on the IMMENSE and Molière projects. These initiatives highlight the ongoing efforts to redefine road user charging strategies and leverage geolocation data, ultimately paving the way for sustainable and efficient transportation systems. The presence of CARNET at the ITS European Congress Lisbon 2023 underscored their dedication and commitment to revolutionizing the future of smart mobility. With visionary projects like these, the future of smart mobility appears promising, offering a path towards greener and more interconnected cities.